#154 Card Clip

A popular case with top crescent pocket on one side and heavy duty money clip on the other side.

Starting at $12.18

#103 Individual Coasters (backed)

Cowhide coasters lined on the back make gifts that are appreciated by everyone.

Starting at $3.65

#101 Stacking Coaster/Bull Nose

Unique stacking coaster keeps rings off the furniture. Oak or dark walnut with inlaid leather.

Starting at $8.06

#102 Stacking Coaster/Stepped-edge

Coaster with beveled edge. Oak or dark walnut inlaid with leather.

Starting at $8.06

#76 Tee Tag

Tournament or club logo will identify your golf bag. Includes three tees.

Starting at $6.69

#75 Tournament Tag

Special events call for customized gifts. The format of this single-sided cowhide tag may just fit the bill. Includes personalized nameplate.

Starting at $7.51

#51 Rectangular Key Tab

This popular design provides for embossing on both sides.

Starting at $2.86

#52 Padded Key Fob`

Logo is displayed discreetly while keys are always handy.

Starting at $3.85

#6 Bookmark/fringe

Handy bookmark with 1-3/8" fringe.

Starting at $2.76

#5 Bookmark

Let your message mark the place.

Starting at $2.76

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